Neelie Kroes At The Dutch Blockchain Conference 2016: “Blockchain Will Change The World Completely”

I had the honor to interview Mrs. Kroes, former European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, who was the keynote speaker at the Dutch Blockchain Conference 2016.

“Whe shouldn’t limit whatever developments at the moment because we are not used to it or because we are not certain what will be the results”

During the interview Neelie Kroes talked about the Dutch ecosystem for startups (at the end of June she finishes the 18 months period as a special envoy for Startup Delta). She explained why she encouraged the Dutch Minister of Finance to appoint a special envoy for FinTech as well. As the interview shows Neelie Kroes is a big advocate of innovation (as can be expected, when regarding her current and previous jobs). She encourages out of the box thinking and strongly supports the joint efforts of the Dutch government and Dutch regulatory bodies to provide a space to try out breakthrough technologies such as blockchain.

“With digital technology there are no limits anymore”

Use this link to watch more interviews and/or to watch the livestream of speakers at the Dutch Blockchain Conference