National Programme on Service Innovation & ICT (SII)

    I have been a programme director of the Dutch Innovation Programme on Service Innovation & ICT (SII) in the period 2009-2012.

    In 2009 the Minister of Economic Affairs, Mrs van der Hoeven, approved the proposal for a Dutch Innovation Programme on Service Innovation & ICT. The Minister committed an amount of € 12,5 million for the period September 2009 – December 2011 on the condition that at least the same amount was match-funded by private parties. (Link to official press release: Nieuw-innovatieprogramma-van-start)

    The programme was initiated by a wide range of partners in mainly the financial and creative sector among which ABN AMRO Bank, Logica, Rabobank, IBM, Novay (former Telematica Instituut), IIP Create and Holland Financial Centre. The ambition of the programme was to foster innovation on themes as e-payments, connectedness, open data and e-identity.

    In 2009 I was involved as an employee of Holland Financial Centre and was one of the key persons that on behalf of the financial sector was drafting the proposal for the Programme. Since the second half of 2010 I was hired as an independent professional for the role of director to set up the legal entity (foundation SII) that endorsed the programme. As director I coordinated the activities of the programme, managed the overall programme and several underlying projects, was responsible for obtaining match-funding and was spokesman on behalf of the foundation SII towards the Ministry and external parties.

    In 2011 the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs no longer supported the programme due to a change in strategy of the new government administration. As a consequence the activities of the Programme ended in 2011. By then the Programme had contributed to 16 different projects with more than 80 project partners involved.

    In May 2012 I ended my activities for the Programme by publishing a final report including the financial settlement for the Dutch Ministry.